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Phil prides himself on being easy to work worth and someone who takes away your problems and doesn’t add to them! He can make anything work, but preferably he’ll use a lav mic and a simple projector with large enough screen(s) for the whole audience to see. He has no music or other sound requirements beyond the microphone he’ll use. He doesn’t need a podium, and in fact, prefers a stage completely clear of any tables, seating, or podium tec.

Yes! Phil’s messages are grounded in his belief that we’re all leaders ourselves first and foremost. We’re all something to somebody, and while not all of all may hold an official leadership position, all of us can make an impact and influence in our world.

One of Phil’s successful businesses is focussed on the real estate industry. Through this he has gained knowledge and insight into what works and what doesn’t, along with the message that resonates best with this industry. He has already spoken at several real estate conferences where his message has been very impactful.

Phil understands the demands and challenges with organising evets and conferences. Whether you want to book him for 6 months from now or 6 days from now, if he’s available he’s willing to see if it’s a good fit. He wants to help solve your problems, not add to them.

Yes! Phil does not believe in just speaking and leaving! The most powerful conversations happen after he has delivered his message, and he will always voluntarily stay around until the agenda takes folks in another direction. Additionally, a great way to dig in deeper is to have a follow-on fire side chat that he’ll be happy to include in his offerings.

Phil has worked all over the globe – if his schedule allows, he’ll travel there, so don’t hold back!

Yes, in fact Phil initially launched his leadership development and coaching business without speaking as a service. He quickly realised that people wanted to hear more of what he had to say, and started to offer small speaking sessions to local organisations. This was great training to help him refine his message, and one thing led to another and before you knew it he was getting requests to speak at large conferences. The rest is still being written. Visit to learn more.

Yes, Phil will deliver his keynotes virtually, although it is not his preferred message – you just can’t replicate the energy that he brings to a room.

Let’s chat. There may be specific licencing rights that Phil is willing to discuss and include in his offerings.

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