A Leadership Odyssey

Leadership expert and disrupter, guided by the values of courage, integrity, and respect for others.

I’m Phil Jewell, a graduate from the prestigious Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst and subsequent leader within the British, Canadian, and US Army, before working in the Provincial and Federal Governments. I have led and worked across countries, continents, and cultures.

I am by no means claiming to be a great leader. Instead, I see myself as a high performance athletic coach; I’m an OK athlete myself, but not a world class one. However I believe I know what it takes to become one. Importantly, I also believe in something bigger, something better, when it comes to leadership. A topic that we have over complicated and over theorised. It’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to stop overrating our technical abilities while underrating our character. It’s time to talk about mindset and not just skillset.

It’s Time.

Your employee retention and engagement worries are not a management or human resources problem; they’re a leadership problem.

The World needs leadership now…

I’m here to help you face your leadership challenges head on.

I’m not built on years of management experience.
I’m not a human resource professional.
I’m a leadership practitioner.

I’m built on years of leadership experience, from some of the most intense and challenging environments that exist. It’s a fresh perspective to leadership; a perspective that is needed to face the challenges head on.

What People Are Saying About Impact Leadership

The future is built on

Not stale, corporate management training dressed as leadership. But real leadership.