Leadership Development


Workshop 1

Mindset and Meaning


Expanding on Phil’s signature keynote points, this workshop takes a deeper dive into the main themes, exploring what they mean to us as individuals and teams, and how we might put them into action.

Character over technical competence and mindset over skillset

Think: Gain a different perspective on leadership, in that we are all leaders and thus we all have an accountability to helping the organization grow. Feel: Responsibility towards organizational goals and growth, outside just their usual role/area. Do: Make a commitment to becoming solutions focussed and taking ownership of problems.

Build your culture based on the 95%

Think: The powerful impact we can have on engagement and fulfillment when we lean in and give trust without waiting for it to be earned. Feel: Confidence in being able to give trust in order to build it. Do: Critically reflect on processes/policies etc. they can influence and ask whether they were built for the 5% or 95%, and challenge which individual mindset to operate from.

Be yourself

Think: Understand that we all have imposter syndrome, and that there is no ‘blueprint’ to how we should show us as leaders and individuals. Feel: Acceptance towards the three things guaranteed to happen to us all and thus courage to show up as their true selves. Do: Own who they are and show up accordingly, find a network/create a network/lead a network. Ensure no-one is alone.

Make yourself irrelevant

Think:  That we should strive to develop everyone around us, share knowledge and information as it only makes us and the organization stronger when we do that. Feel: Motivated to impart knowledge and reduce risk regarding individual gatekeepers/knowledge holders. Do: Start to share knowledge, processes and look for ways to ensure their files could keep moving forward if they weren’t there.

Understand the bigger impact

Think: Explore the bigger impact our role, task, team, or organization has – attach what we do to a bigger meaning and purpose. Feel: Engaged, motivated, and inspired to know what our real team or organizational purpose is, and proud to be part of that. Do: Understand our specific purpose and allow it to be the foundation of the culture, driving decisions and operations.

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Workshop 2

Becoming a Purpose Driven Organization


Purpose-driven companies have 30% higher levels of innovation, over 40% higher levels of retention, and provide people with a sense of identify and belonging. And yet how many of us can say we attach the bigger meaning and purpose to the work we do? In this workshop, Phil will guide you through a journey of finding your own organizational purpose.  

Setting the scene

Make sure everyone understands the psychology of the golden circle, and the difference between our Why, and our How and What.

Conversation One: The Human Difference

Specific stories when people have felt most proud to work for the company.

Conversation Two: What’s your contribution

Contribution your organization made to the lives of others?

Conversation Three: What’s your impact?

What did the contributions of your company allow others to go on to do or be?

What People Are Saying About This Workshop

Workshop 3

Navigating Change, Embracing Conflict, and Enhancing Engagement


Designed to equip leaders with the essential tools, strategies, and mindset needed to thrive in times of change, transform conflict into constructive outcomes, and foster a culture of engagement within teams and organizations.

Understand Change

Explore the psychological and emotional responses to change, learn strategies to better lead change, and develop resilience to embrace change as an opportunity for growth.

Redefine Conflict

See change as a catalyst for growth and success: understand the conflict continuum and explore and discover tools and techniques to foster a safe, psychological working environment where conflict is seen as debate that is encouraged and leveraged to drive innovation and positive outcomes.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance employee engagement: Discover practical methods to cultivate a culture of engagement within teams and organizations, explore strategies to motivate and inspire individuals, and create an environment that fosters collaboration and commitment.

What People Are Saying About This Workshop

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